About Us

Corporate Profile

Incorporated in Singapore in February 1997, Warburg Vending Private Limited’s objective is to become the best complete convenience vending machine providers for food and beverage products. Our core values:

  1. Member of Fraser & Neave Group
  2. 20 years in industry
  3. Over 3000 vending machines in Singapore
  4. Provider of market leader brand offerings for various product categories

We recognize that we must meet the needs of unique end-users and businesses, thus a great emphasis is placed on complementary services.

We are committed to providing reliable, efficient and convenient services.



Our mission is to satisfy our customer’s needs and provide a complete convenience service.

To do so, we will:

  • Continually improve operations to provide quality products and superior services
  • Consistently source and update products and services
  • Run an efficient and competent team through training and upgrading of skills
  • Constantly review quality standards in our management system, operations and services
  • Exercise prudent financial management in the way that we operate
  • Uphold to our commitment in being a responsible corporation within the community